Tony Tillman

Tony Tillman is truly a dynamic entertainer. Often compared to Sammy Davis and Ben Vereen, Tony has traveled the world giving knockout performances to enthusiastic crowds. Tony’s fast-paced and energetic style helped him secure an opening act spot with Bill Cosby that lasted over ten years. His versatility, powerful voice and incredible stage presence have garnered him accolades from all quarters of the entertainment press. Tony has received raves for his performances in venues as diverse as Harrah’s Hotel in Atlantic City, the Hotel Presidente in Helsinki, Finland, Caesars Place in Las Vegas, the mega-ships of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and corporate shows for major companies like Hewlett-Packard, NCO and ERA Realty.

But Tony’s biggest challenge came in 1999 when he was asked to join the cast of a new show in Las Vegas. That show, the brainchild of teen idol David Cassidy and TV producer Don Reo was ‘The Rat Pack Is Back’, the hip tribute to the 60’s era icons, Frank, Sammy, Dean and Joey. Tony again proved his worth by delivering a well-rounded and exciting portrayal of his hero, receiving heartfelt praise from the one person who knew Sammy the best, his wife Altovise.

With every Tony Tillman performance, you will be given 110% of his talent, energy, and love of his craft. He is a complete entertainment package.


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